Talent is the most important resource for enterprises. High-quality talents are also the source of strength for enterprises to create value, sustain development, and prosper.


With the mission of “Building a Development Platform for Employees”, Hongchuan attaches great importance to the company's internal talent training, and cultivates high-quality staff who meet the company's requirements through the “Hongchuan Management College” and various on-the-job training. Through the talent selection activities such as “Win in Hongchuan”, the company optimizes the use of talents within the company, so that the company's success and personal growth can be combined to truly achieve a “win-win” between the company and its employees. For high-level talents, we must focus on internal training, open competition, external recruitment, and active introduction. We believe that increasing the investment in intellectual capital for high-level professionals is an indispensable input for maintaining constant innovation in important areas such as management, technology, and marketing.

Hongchuan adheres to the management philosophy of “people-oriented”, establishes a management system, incentive mechanism, creates conditions for talents, creates talents, cultivates talents, attracts talents, and retains talents. Create a work environment suitable for excellent talents, give them a stage to show their talents, and let the truly talented people become the main force of the company's development.